Raspberry Pi 4 Luma.OLED

System Info on Raspberry Pi OLED Displays using Luma.OLED

The python code is an add-on to the luma.examples repository. The code will display the following:

  • CPU Load
  • Time
  • System Uptime (HH:MM)
  • Memory (used and total)
  • Disk Usage (used and total)
  • Network IO Counter (Tx and Rx)
  • CPU Temperature
  • Active Users
  • Weather (Temperature and Description)

To run this, you need to clone the luma.examples repository and put the file inside /examples/

python3 sysinfo.py --display ssd1327 --interface spi --width 128 --height 128

Tested on Rasbperry Pi 4 running Waveshare SSD1327 OLED Panel via SPI interface.


2 responses to “System Info on Raspberry Pi OLED Displays using Luma.OLED”

  1. Seu João Avatar
    Seu João

    Hello friend. first thanks for the post. helped me a lot.

    I have 4 LTE 4G USB modems on a Raspberry.

    how do i show traffic, ip and monitor connections?

    I’ve looked everywhere and haven’t found it.


    1. Could you mail the issue to me? I will write a blog post on it. My email id is – [email protected]

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