DevWP Day 2

WordPress is a pretty powerful CMS but it is often misunderstood and its power is underestimated. People need to learn WordPress, not only because it drives almost half of the web but also because it is powerful, versatile, and open source.

Hackoverflow Technical Society organized ‘DevWP’, a four-day-long WordPress contest in collaboration with rtCamp, a WordPress VIP Gold Agency Partner.

Our goal is to introduce students, particularly college freshers and juniors, to WordPress. The participants will create a website on different topics, ranging from personal blogs to e-commerce websites, using WordPress. We want students to understand that WordPress is not just another CMS, but they can build really amazing applications using it.

In this session, we had Muhammad Muhsin, Sourav Roy, and Paul David Clark with us. We covered three topics – Career Opportunities in WordPress, Journey as a WordPress Engineer, and Career Roadmaps. Muhsin is a Senior React Engineer at rtCamp, Sourav Roy is a WordPress Engineer, and Paul Clark is the Director of Engineer at rtCamp.


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