System Info on Raspberry Pi OLED Displays using Luma.OLED

Raspberry Pi 4 Luma.OLED

The python code is an add-on to the luma.examples repository. The code will display the following: CPU Load Time System Uptime (HH:MM) Memory (used and total) Disk Usage (used and total) Network IO Counter (Tx and Rx) CPU Temperature Active Users Weather (Temperature and Description) To run this, you need to clone the luma.examples repository…

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DevWP Day 2

WordPress is a pretty powerful CMS but it is often misunderstood and its power is underestimated. People need to learn WordPress, not only because it drives almost half of the web but also because it is powerful, versatile, and open source. Hackoverflow Technical Society organized ‘DevWP’, a four-day-long WordPress contest in collaboration with rtCamp, a WordPress VIP…

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